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11 – 12 April, 2025 /  Virtual Conference
An exclusive virtual event consisting of top-level content and thought leadership discussions exploring Supply Chain Visibility & Digital Revolution.
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About SCV2024

The biggest global supply chain event.

The event brings together industry leaders, government officials, and offical authorities from the supply chain industry. The collective goal is to establish a more responsive, agile and cost-efficient supply chain by linking demand planning to supply planning and inventory management processes.

Conference Theme/Key Topics

The conference is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following key topics:
Enhance Efficiency

Focus on digital transformation, leveraging technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain to enhance efficiency and collaboration while gaining real-time insights into their supply chain processes


Improved visibility fuels success in sustainability, automation and consumer engagement


Enhance supply chain visibility for intermodal connectivity and the pivotal role of ship-to-rail-to-truck and air-to-truck logistics


Strategic solutions for improving efficiency of “End-to-End Visibility”


Opportunities and Challenges in – Intelligent Supply Chain for Logistics Planning and Management

Case studies

Best practices and Case studies of business objectives and technology alignment

Official Agenda 2024

[Day 1] Thursday, Apr 11, 2025
Opening Remarks
Opportunities and Challenges in – Intelligent Supply Chain for Logistics Planning and Management
  • The History of SCM
  • Today’s SCM Is All About the
  • Customer
  • Supply Chains and Their Need for Agility
  • SCM and the Cloud
  • The Future of SCM
Ehab Banna
Hotel Operations Procurement Director, DUR Hospitality Co.
Revolutionizing the Supply Chain from Field to Fork with Plastic Pooling of Returnable Assets delivering Safe, Quality, cost effective solutions in tandem with Tracability, Tracking and Management of assets.
  • Pooling Pallets is sustainable reusable option for all inbound flows of pallets and containers and this helps Manufacturers manage load carriers, cut costs and inventory and have detailed tracking on our POOL IT system – Traceable and Reliable
  • Developments in Traceability means that where IBC Containers for dry bulk and liquids are shipped , TOSCA has utlised IOT technology to track and trace the containers which is invaluable if shipping Pharma or valuable products .
  • Tosca has developed layer pads with Bar codes for the Beverage Industry so that layer pads and pallets can be individually tracked from Tosca to Manufacturer and back to collection and wash and reuse.
Andrew Wilson
Business Development Director, Tosca
Leverage circularity in Discrete Manufacturing for Decarbonization of Production and Sustainable Products.
  • Manufacturing by definition is a carbon intensive and resource hungry process. However, it is possible to build more sustainable products by adopting the principles of circular economy
  • As virgin materials get more scarce and thereby expensive, material stewardship and reuse across higher value retention loops like remanufacturing and refurbishment becomes a handy tool to drive up profitability in the upstream supply chain
  • Harvesting parts for reuse also helps in decarbonization. When parts are harvested at end of use, upstream scope 3 emissions can be greatly reduced for each participant of the value chain
Suneet Agera
Chief Innovation Architect SAP Sustainability Innovations, SAP
David Sonnenschein
Chief Innovation Architect SAP Sustainability Innovations, SAP
Navigating the Real-Time Visibility Paradox to Unlock Value in Supply Chains.
  • Unraveling the Paradox of Real-Time Visibility: Discuss the complex dynamics of implementing real-time visibility in supply chains, exploring the juxtaposition of its challenges and the significant value it brings.
  • Strategic Implementation for Enhanced Visibility with Human Insight: Address the strategic use of technologies to overcome the paradoxical nature of real-time visibility, while emphasizing the critical role of human judgment in interpreting data and making decisions.
  • Real-World Insights: Triumphs and Trials in Real-Time Visibility: Present case studies that reflect both the successful and challenging aspects of real-time visibility implementations, emphasizing how these experiences contribute to unlocking value in supply chains.
Slawomir Wycislak
Associate Professor, Jagiellonian University
Networking Break
The Impact Of Supply Chain Reliability Of Distri Companies In Ipo Processes: Aitek Sa.
  • Overviews and significance of IPO Processes for distribution.
  • Assess the risks and advantages associated with supply chain reliability during IPO processes for distributors.
  • Provide insights on mitigating risks during IPO processes.
  • Propose strategies to enhance supply chain reliability for distributor companies.
Herve Yessoh
Supply Chain Director, Aitek


Unlocking Supply Chain Visibility: Transforming Manufacturing Through Innovative Solutions.
  • Digital Identity for Products: Imagine a world where every product carries a unique digital signature. RFID-powered Digital DNA achieves just that—automated tracking without human intervention. Goods move seamlessly, leaving no room for uncertainty, enabling end-to-end traceability of products, assets, and resources, and driving digital transformation for manufacturers.
  • Holistic Visibility: From raw material intake to the final product dispatch, our solution provides uninterrupted visibility. No blind spots, no gaps. Manufacturers gain real-time insights into their operations.
  • Critical Attributes: Manufacturers can now monitor essential attributes such as product condition, work-in-progress status, quality, expiration dates, maintenance history, certifications, manufacturing dates, and batch numbers. These details drive efficiency and cost savings.
Manthan Vikas Pawar
Product & GTM Strategy | AI – Robotics | CRN 40 Under 40, Levata
Develop your digital strategy and start the transformation
  • Key elements of a digital supply chain strategy
  • Key hurdles for a good digitzation approach
  • How to create your digital supply chain strategy
  • Achieve your digital performance boos
Torsten Becker
CEO, BESTgroup
Supply Chain Visibility: Keeping an eye on the big picture in logistics networks.
  • Supply chain visibility brings light to the darkness
  • How to gain a comprehensive and consistent view of all aspects, from transportation to storage, and achieve unprecedented levels of success
Flavio Arssani
Portfolio Manager – Smart Manufacturing, Siemens
Networking Break
Warehouse Automation: Distribution process improvements.
  • The use of Last Mile system to improve the traceability of the transportation process
  • Truck loading optimization, volumetric load
  • Dispatch route optimization using AI
Andrés Riquelme
Distribution chief, Fresenius Kabi
Enabling End to End Supply Chain Visibility to create Eco System of Partners – How Digital Control Tower and Digital Twin can help.
  • To articulate three distinct levels of End to End SCM Visibility.
  • Connecting multiple partners in heterogeneous landscape by API / IOT.
  • Construction of SCM Visibility Dashboard
  • Actionable insights through advanced analytics
Chris Cunnane
Research Director, Practice Leader, Supply Chain Management ARC Advisory Group
Innovating for Impact : Digitization of Supply Chains in Schools with IoT, AI, and ML.
  • AI and ML as Catalysts for Smart Supply Chain Optimizations.
  • Customer Impact and tracking visibility – Hundreds of School Districts, Millions of School going children everyday, and their Parents.
  • Optimizing supply chain routing and reducing costs by leveraging Machine Learning.
  • Methodology for Implementation of Digitalisation in this novel sector and its implications and benefits.
Aditya Kumar Sharma
Senior Operations Manager, Zum Services Inc.
[Day 2] Friday, Apr 12, 2025
Opening Remarks
Improved visibility fuels success in sustainability, automation and consumer engagement .
  • How improving end to end supply chain visibility through information automation can significantly increase your customer satisfaction and engagement while improving sustainability.
jason Tisbury
Continuous Improvement Manager, Club Assist
Leveraging Data and AI for Enhanced Supply Chain Visibility
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Visibility
  • Role of Data in Supply Chain Visibility
  • Impact of AI on Supply Chain Visibility
  • Analytics for Transparent Supply Chains
  • Future Trends in Supply Chain Visibility
Soumit Roy
Associate Director, Data Analytics and AI, Jade Global Inc, Jade Global Inc
Procurement Data Analytics and Visualization Dashboard-A Digitization Initiative Implemented In A Global Medical Supply Organization
  • How often do we see organizations spending millions of dollars in their procurement transformation programs by engaging third-party consultants or companies? The answer to this question is quite often.
  • The digital dashboard project described here was developed from scratch and completed entirely by leveraging in-house procurement expertise with no significant costs incurred.
  • A comprehensive procurement data analytics dashboard that enables measuring key procurement metrics such as supplier on-time (OTD) delivery, spend analysis, and supplier compliance and approval status.
Mohammed Rizwan Mirajkar
Senior Procurement Manager, Medical Projects, International SOS MEA Branch
International SOS logo_2015
Supply Chain Inventory Management Power by AI
  • Bird’s Eye View of AIML and Gen AI
  • Inventory Management Overview
  • Applied AI for Supply chain
  • Real World Case Study AI for Supply Chain – Inventory Management
  • Dilemmas, Concerns, Consideration for AI-Fication of Business Operations
Mainak Mitra
Analytics,AIML, Data leader, Conviva
Networking Break
Mister Plantastic.
  • supply chain set-up of Tony’s Chocolonely, addressing the cocoa chain set-up and our solution to the problem.
  • 100% traceability of the full flow enabled us to be so far successful in the road to achieve our mission.
  • capability to other parties in the industry, to make sure the transparent flow (and obligations that come with that) is a industry changing mechanism.
Wouter de Vries
Factory Director, Tony’s Chocolonely
Networking Break
Strategic Visibility Solutions for a Smarter Supply Chain
  • Beyond the silo: Connecting data streams across stakeholders for real-time insights and proactive decision-making.
  • Leveraging AI-powered optimization: Leveraging machine learning to predict disruptions, optimize routes, and anticipate bottlenecks.
  • Collaboration increases transparency: Building partnerships across the supply chain to unlock transparency and drive collective efficiency.
Shaun Walling
Brand Manager, Arrive
Networking Break
Living on the Edge: How Edge AI will usher in a new era in supply chain visibility
  • ABSTRACT Over the coming years, smart sensors embedded with the latest advancements in AI technologies will enable companies to extend their digital initiatives to cover supply chain visibility applications and use-cases that have proven to be elusive using existing system architectures.
  • A connected fleet operation is critical to the future of supply chain visibility – where real-time operational data is captured and analyzed to maximize uptime and identify opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies. The key to realizing this vision is through a complete integration of vehicle telematics systems, sensors and decision enablers.
  • As we progress into a ‘smarter fleet operation’, a systematic approach is required to ensure good data, captured by AI-enabled sensors, resulting in practical outcomes and solutions driving the profitable supply chain operation. The short-term objective is to ensure a stable operation where the fleet operational inefficiencies are minimized through good process visibility. The longer-term objective is to link real-time fleet operational insights into the maintenance protocols to drive data based decisions for improving overall operational efficiencies.
Karthik Rau
CEO, Senzit, Inc
Tech-Powered Turnaround: From Planning to Inventory Management to Sourcing, How Segra Revolutionized Its Supply Chain Operations and Saved Millions
  • Identifying pain points is a pivotal first step toward progress. Explore areas hindering Segra’s success, including a need for a planning strategy, streamlined sourcing, integrated systems and optimized warehouse operations.
  • Next, learn how Segra conducted an end-to-end supply chain assessment to develop a core set of recommendations, serving as a roadmap for transforming multiple areas of its business.
  • Discover the keys to digital transformation success. Get an insider’s look at how Segra seamlessly modernized its supply chain operations in under a year, achieving impactful results and significant savings.
Cyndi Scallion
Vice President of Supply Chain and Facilities Management, Segra

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