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02 – 03 May 2024 /  100% Virtual Conference
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About DTWIN2024

Leverage Digital Twin Technology to boost Profitability and Strategies to Maximize Efficiencies in Oil & Gas Operations

Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference and Exhibition 2024 create Opportunities to boost Profitability and Strategies to Maximize Efficiencies in Oil and Gas Production.

The Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference and and Exhibition 2024 is a dynamic gathering where industry professionals and technology innovators converge to accelerate a comprehensive digital transformation in the Oil & Gas sector. This exclusive virtual event explores the digital twin ecosystem, addressing sustainability, operational impact with Digital Twin and Generative AI, upstream sector digital integration, cybersecurity risks, efficiency in Asset Performance Management, and the pivotal role of Digital Twin in achieving a Net Zero Future.

Conference Theme/Key Topics

The conference is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following key topics:

Leveraging Digital Twin and Generative AI to gauge their impact on operational efficiency and productivity

Examining the digital integration in the upstream sector amidst disruptions, technology transitions, and an agile workforce, while simultaneously evaluating the cybersecurity risks associated with enhanced technology deployment

Improving business efficiency through digitalization in Asset Performance Management, emphasizing effective data handling and operational models

Exploring the critical role of a Digital Twin and a data-driven ecosystem in the Sustainable Roadmap for achieving a Net Zero Future through the process of decarbonization

Highlighting best practices and real-world examples in understanding the dynamics between operators and vendors, focusing on roles, data ownership, and collaborative pathways

Navigating opportunities and challenges in corporate adaptation and change management while redefining leadership models

Official Agenda 2024

Opening Remarks

Implementing a digital strategy and finding value in the newly created data, while still operating within existing workflows

  • Digital Transformation & Driving the adoption & Future of Operation Excellence.
  • Operational efficiency improvement opportunities from average to top quartile performers , with DX
  • DX impact on Operation Excellence:
Arun KumarGM, Head Of Maintenance & Reliability, HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited

The Role of Standards, Research and White Papers for Efficient Digital Twin

  • Establishing a Framework for Interoperability: Definition and Importance of Interoperability in Digital Twins: Explore what interoperability means in the context of digital twins and the Role of Standards in Ensuring Interoperability.
  • Data Quality and Security Standards: Discuss how the accuracy and reliability of data are crucial for the effective functioning of digital twins. Address the security challenges in digital twin technology and the role of
    standards in ensuring data protection and cybersecurity.
  • Future-Proofing and Scalability Through Standardization: How standardisation can facilitate the scalability of digital twins, making them adaptable to various operational scales and scenarios.
Mostafa ElAshmawy
Head of BIM & GIS,WSP
Revolutionizing Operational Efficiency and Profit Margins in Oil & Gas Through Blockchain Solutions.
  • Blockchain’s Role in Digital Transformation within the Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Operational Case Studies: Implementing Blockchain for Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency and Smart Contracts.
  • Strategic Planning: A Guide to Transitioning Smoothly to Blockchain-Based Solutions in Oil & Gas
Harold Heard
CEO, President and Chairman, A Real Blockchain Solution (ARBS)

The Emerging Digital Energy Landscape: Integrated, Interconnected & Secured.

  • Increased digital intensity & maturity
  • Citizen Digital Workforce
  • mmersive, collaborative, holistic visualization
Mohammed AlGhazal CEO, Noor Energies Group
Networking Break
Current state of the Mexican natural gas network.
  • Mexican Grid Expansion History
  • Changing regulatory framework
  • What is Next?
  • Conclusions
Carlos Tapia
Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Balam Energy


Securing Digital Twins in Oil & Gas: A Cybersecurity Perspective.
  • The evolving threat landscape targeting digital twins in the oil & gas sector.
  • Implementing AI and ML for proactive cybersecurity measures.
  • Case studies: How robust cybersecurity can save millions in potential losses.
Kanishk Gaur
Founder, India Future Foundation

The Digital Twin. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

  • If the lifecycle of a plant could be compressed into a single day, engineering, and constructing that plant would occur over breakfast. And as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To take this analogy a
    step further, what is eaten for breakfast can potentially affect how lunch and dinner goes. In other words, a terrible breakfast could lead to a terrible day – lunch and dinner are had through bad choices.
  • This goes on, and eventually a transformation is needed. And like all digital transformations, they are painful and expensive. And this “breakfast” doesn’t have to be at The Four Seasons. It can be prepared in the average
    company’s own kitchen, using tools likely already owned and used.
  • Getting the digital twin right in the beginning and using it the way it is meant to be used – a key component in today’s Operations Technology – can prevent a costly digital transformation later. It has the capability to push
    the facility to first-quartile performance much faster than ever expected or envisioned.
Gregory N. Smallwood Project Engineer, Operations Technology Specialists, LLC
The challenges of Green Field vs Brownfield DT.
  • Asset Information Management
  • Project Datasets Handover
  • Management of Change
Alberto Iniesta Serrano
Director – Worley Customer Solutions, Worley
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In the oil and gas industry, digital twins can be used to improve efficiency in a variety of ways, including.

  • Predictive maintenance: Digital twins can be used to predict when and where equipment is likely to fail, allowing for preventive maintenance to be performed before problems occur. This can help to extend asset life, reduce downtime, and improve safety.
  • Optimized operations: Digital twins can be used to simulate different operating scenarios, allowing operators to identify the most efficient and cost-effective way to operate their assets. This can help to improve production
    rates, reduce costs, and increase profitability.
  • New product development: Digital twins can be used to test new products and technologies in a virtual environment, reducing the risk of failure and speeding up the development process. This can help to bring new
    products to market faster and improve their competitiveness.
Michael Fontaine
Vice President of Project Management, Falcon Project Consultants

Insertion of Artificial Neural Network Algorithms into Digital Twins for Process Monitoring.

  • Companies rely on various equipment to produce goods and services, but degradation over time can lead to failures. Maintaining equipment in good condition is crucial to ensure production performance and prevent
    additional costs, downtime, and environmental damage. Maintenance, aiming for availability, reliability, and safety, is essential. However, many maintenance models face challenges by considering only the health of
    components without information about system reliability. The increase in production data can be an advantage, and predicting failures through a neural network trained with operational data can be valuable support for
Silvio Cesar Godinho Teixeira
Company man in Buzios, Petrobras
Available Session
Total-Ex “The Single Source of Truth”
  • “Explosive Hazardous Area Compliance – Digital Management of your Explosive Hazardous Area data via Total-Ex, The LIVE HAVD.”
  • “Integration With Digital Twins – Total-Ex tag associates all known data for a tags compliance. Aligning with ANY digital twin environment is as simple as an API call.”
  • “Human Error Elimination – By codifying all of the EEHA equipment compliance requirements we have eliminated the human error component to compliance.”
Aaron Drew
Director & Engineering Manager, CPEng NPER, Totalex
image (1)
Have digitalization benefitted upstream oil and gas production
  • Since 2012 upstream operators has been investing substantially in digitalization, but Solomons data on operational cost and production efficiency raise doubt on the benefits.
  • What is failing, scope, solutions, change or something else?
  • Are upstream business ready for the use of digitalization or are our business just to complex?
Per Hjorth Gren
BU Performance Solution Manager, Solomon Associates

The Human Side of Emerging Tech – AI, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning.

  • In recent years, we have seen rapid advancements in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and machine learning. While these technologies hold great promise for improving our lives and making
    organizations more efficient, we must not forget that they are ultimately designed and operated by humans.
  • Pop culture represents what I like to call the “Terminator Effect” which associates automation and autonomous systems with a level of fear. From replacing the human workforce to a full-on global takeover. In reality, we
    should not fear these technologies, but rather strive to understand them better so that we can use them more effectively.
  • “When used correctly, AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning can help us make better decisions, improve organizational efficiency, and even free up our time so that we can focus on more important tasks. However,
    we must remember that these technologies are only as good as the data that they are given and the humans who design and operate them.
Kyler Cheatham
Global Marketing Directo, Third Stage Consulting Group
Data to Digital Twin in Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Brief Overview of Organization
  • Digital Execution in EPC
  • Data is Oil
Vinayak Kharche
Head Of Information Systems and Automation, Adani Petrochemicals
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Revolutionizing Oil & Gas Operations: Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins with IAPM.
  • The Digital Twin Revolution: Explore the transformative potential of digital twins in the oil & gas industry, and how they enable real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and improved decision-making.
  • IoT-Driven Data Insights: Learn how Internet of Things (IoT) data sources are harnessed to create a comprehensive digital replica of your assets, providing unparalleled insights into operations, safety, and efficiency.
  • AI-Powered Asset Management: Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) supercharges your asset management strategies, optimizing maintenance, reducing downtime, and enhancing the ROI of your oil and gas assets with IAPM.
Matteo Dariol
Business Development and Sales Manager, grow platform, A Bosch Company
Innovations in Productivity Maximizing Digitalization Strategies..
  • We (23 plants) did a study for AFPM on digitalization in action in global projects and results are reported in the presentation.
  • Specifically highlighted is AI data management, digital engineering and planning in pre-feed applications and the digitalization surrounding construction in maintenance and capital projects.
George Perrett
Operational Excellence Director, Peri USA
Revolutionizing Oil & Gas with Advanced Digital Twins and Generative AI.
  • Exploring the Evolution of Digital Twins: From Conceptualization to Advanced Industry 4.0 Integration” – Tracing the history and advancements in digital twin technologies and its pivotal role in the modern Oil & Gas industry.”
  • Harnessing Real-time Data: Enhancing Predictive Maintenance, Safety, and Efficiency in Oil & Gas Operations”
    • “Applying Digital Twins and generative to Revolutionise the Oil & Gas Industry”
    • “Delving into the merger of real-time data and digital twins, focusing on predictive analytics, risk mitigation, and increased operational efficiency.”
  • Future Roadmap: Leveraging Digital Twin and Industry 4.0 for Sustainable and Resilient Oil & Gas Production” – Discussing forward-looking strategies, highlighting the potential of digital twins combined with Industry 4.0 in paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient energy sector.
Susant Mallick
Founder & CEO, CloudHub
BIM-based Common Data Environment as the Lifecycle Digital Twin for Industrial Assets.
  • Digital Twins of industrial assets are created not only in 3D authoring applications, but also contain unstructured data present in photos, drawings, O&M manuals, as well as time-series data sets generated by sensors and meters. To collate all that information in a structured way throughout the facility life cycle we need to follow open industry standards for asset classification, data exchange standards, and consider harmonization between standards prevalent in different industries (for example, CHIFOS and IFC). The presentation will share lessons learned implementing BIM-based Digital Twins using Siemens Building X Lifecycle Twin (ex-Ecodomus) in various industries, including oil and gas as well as industrial and commercial construction.
Igor Starkov
VP, Digital Twin – Siemens Industry, Inc
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