Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference and Exhibition 2024

02 – 03 May 2024 /  100% Virtual Conference
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About DTWIN2024

Leverage Digital Twin Technology to boost Profitability and Strategies to Maximize Efficiencies in Oil & Gas Operations

Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference and Exhibition 2024 create Opportunities to boost Profitability and Strategies to Maximize Efficiencies in Oil and Gas Production.

The Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference and and Exhibition 2024 is a dynamic gathering where industry professionals and technology innovators converge to accelerate a comprehensive digital transformation in the Oil & Gas sector. This exclusive virtual event explores the digital twin ecosystem, addressing sustainability, operational impact with Digital Twin and Generative AI, upstream sector digital integration, cybersecurity risks, efficiency in Asset Performance Management, and the pivotal role of Digital Twin in achieving a Net Zero Future.

Conference Theme/Key Topics

The conference is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following key topics:
Upstream Digital Integration Analysis

Examining the digital integration in the upstream sector amidst disruptions, technology transitions, and an agile workforce, while simultaneously evaluating the cybersecurity risks associated with enhanced technology deployment

Digital Twin Impact

Leveraging Digital Twin and Generative AI to gauge their impact on operational efficiency and productivity

Best Practices and Case Studies

Highlighting best practices and real-world examples in understanding the dynamics between operators and vendors, focusing on roles, data ownership, and collaborative pathways

Opportunities & Challenges

Navigating opportunities and challenges in corporate adaptation and change management while redefining leadership models

Net Zero Future

Exploring the critical role of a Digital Twin and a data-driven ecosystem in the Sustainable Roadmap for achieving a Net Zero Future through the process of decarbonization

Digitalizing Asset Performance

Improving business efficiency through digitalization in Asset Performance Management, emphasizing effective data handling and operational models

Official Agenda 2024

[Day 1] Thursday, May 02, 2024
Opening Remarks
Operation excellence & Digital transformation go hand-in-hand
  • Digital Transformation & Driving the adoption & Future of Operation Excellence.
  • Operational efficiency improvement opportunities from average to top quartile performers , with DX
  • DX impact on Operation Excellence:
Arun Kumar
GM, Head Of Maintenance & Reliability, HPCL-Mittal Energy Limited
AI-driven optimization in real-time, across oil and gas operations
  • Optimizing complex production and process systems requires predictability in real-time
  • Physics-informed AI (PiAI) is a breakthrough AI model builder that fuses physics-based simulation and process data, with models built in hours not months
  • Advisory control enables operators to enhance profitability and reduce carbon footprint in real-time
  • The approach is highly flexible and portable—applicable to myriad use cases suitable even when data sets are sparse
Linnea Russell
Asset Performance Product Manager, SLB
Greg Fallon
CEO, Geminus.AI
SLB_Logo_2022.svg (1)
Uncomplicate Liquid Cooling: Save Power & Drive Digital Twin Performance with Self-Contained Liquid Cooling
  • Microconvective Liquid Cooling: Overcome thermal challenges in digital twin computations using single-phase direct liquid cooling technology.
  • Efficient Liquid Cooling Deployment: Explore JetCool’s innovative, self-contained liquid cooling systems on Dell PowerEdge servers, reducing server power consumption by up to 15%.
  • Futureproof Server Infrastructure: Implement a phased liquid cooling strategy with Dell PowerEdge servers, transitioning from self-contained to facility-ready setups.
Dr. Bernie Malouin
Chief Executive Officer, JetCool
Data informed decision making: how to let data and intuition work in a great marriage.
  • Did you know that 58% of software companies base their regular business decisions on intuition alone?
  • Do you agree that these companies are endangering the future of their existence by NOT incorporating objective data in their decision making process?
  • How you can improve your teams in a sustainable manner by leveraging metrics?
  • The importance of metrics, which ones to choose as the most effective set in your context and how to get started with collecting all necessary data.
  • How to make more effective decisions by letting data and intuition work in harmony.
Stephan Vlieland
Hiring Manager, Shell
Networking Break
Current state of the Mexican natural gas network.
  • Mexican Grid Expansion History
  • Changing regulatory framework
  • What is Next?
  • Conclusions
Carlos Tapia
Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Balam Energy
The future of digital twins in orbital Spaceport construction and microgravity mining operations in the 5th Industrial Revolution.
  • The Space Economy is the 5th Industrial Revolution.
  • Just as oil fueled the 4th Industrial Revolution, so too will “rare earth” minerals mined from asteroids and meteors fuel the economy of the 5th Industrial Revolution.
  • This presentation will outline the crucial role that digital twins, AI and autonomy play in successfully launching expeditions to capture Quadrillion dollar resources in microgravity.
Samson Williams
serial entrepreneur and accidental investor, University of New Hampshire
George Pullen
Blockchain, Deep Tech and Space Economics, University of New Hampshire
The Digital Twin. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.
  • If the lifecycle of a plant could be compressed into a single day, engineering, and constructing that plant would occur over breakfast. And as they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To take this analogy a step further, what is eaten for breakfast can potentially affect how lunch and dinner goes. In other words, a terrible breakfast could lead to a terrible day – lunch and dinner are had through bad choices.
  • This goes on, and eventually a transformation is needed. And like all digital transformations, they are painful and expensive. And this “breakfast” doesn’t have to be at The Four Seasons. It can be prepared in the average company’s own kitchen, using tools likely already owned and used.
  • Getting the digital twin right in the beginning and using it the way it is meant to be used – a key component in today’s Operations Technology – can prevent a costly digital transformation later. It has the capability to push the facility to first-quartile performance much faster than ever expected or envisioned.
Gregory N. Smallwood
Project Engineer, Operations Technology Specialists, LLC
The challenges of Green Field vs Brownfield DT.
  • Asset Information Management
  • Project Datasets Handover
  • Management of Change
Alberto Iniesta Serrano
Director – Worley Customer Solutions, Worley
Networking Break
Leveraging Digital Twins for Private Networks in Oil & Gas.
  • Revolutionizing in-building cellular design in oils and gas with digital twins to eliminate repetitive surveys and deliver superior network performance.
  • How to cut costs, improve worker safety in hazardous environments, and future-proof your infrastructure with this cohesive network design approach.
Nazim Choudhary
Director Market Development, iBwave
Insertion of Artificial Neural Network Algorithms into Digital Twins for Process Monitoring
  • Companies rely on various equipment to produce goods and services, but degradation over time can lead to failures. Maintaining equipment in good condition is crucial to ensure production performance and prevent additional costs, downtime, and environmental damage. Maintenance, aiming for availability, reliability, and safety, is essential. However, many maintenance models face challenges by considering only the health of components without information about system reliability. The increase in production data can be an advantage, and predicting failures through a neural network trained with operational data can be valuable support for
Silvio Cesar Godinho Teixeira
Company man in Buzios, Petrobras

Advanced digital twin technology from the nuclear sector – Applicability in the oil & gas.

  • The presentation explores HADRON lab’s pioneering efforts at IFE, emphasizing AI, data, and robotics for safety in nuclear and other critical industries.
  • Ongoing and upcoming European projects and working groups will be showcased, reflecting IFE’s cutting-edge research.
  • Advanced trends in digital twin and robotics innovation promoted by the DigiDECOM conference, hosted by IFE as an international center, will be highlighted.
István Szőke’
Research Manager of the Applied Physical Sciences department, Institute for Energy Technology
[Day 2] Friday, May 03, 2024
Opening Remarks
Generative AI : Experiences in business applications for Procurement & SupplyChain
  • Gen AI Potential : Look beyond drafting emails and images. Gen AI can do much more for day to day tasks like Market intelligence, Contract Analytics and Autonomous Negotiations.
  • Data confidentiality concerns : Are you comfortable sending your data & queries to cloud-based AI models ? Laptop based locally running AI models are a potential solution.
  • Experiences from real experiments : I’ll share one of the following usecases:
  • Market intelligence : Comparison of outputs from 4-5 models (Cloud vs Laptop, Large model vs small model)
  • Autonomous Negotiations : Negotiations between two BOTs.
Lovleen Chadha
Founder & CTO, qapp.ai
Making a Business Case for Developing an E-Governance Solution for Process Safety Management (PSM) Compliance
  • This presentation will describe the key issues faced by both the government regulatory bodies and process plant facilities, with the current non-digital (manual) method of PSM implementation, audit, and compliance. Recent modernisation initiatives of safety regulations undertaken by federal regulatory bodies such as OSHA and EPA in the United States are explained in the context of achieving the PSM compliance effectively and efficiently. The presentation will also report the outcome of a study on detailed comparison between OSHA’s 1992 regulatory impact analysis study and 2023 information collection requirement burden hour and cost estimate and will report the estimated the total economic burden of PSM compliance on the existing and future PSM covered facilities in the United States. The presentation will also unveil the idea of an e-governance solution that will potentially eliminate all the efficiency and effectiveness concerns faced by regulatory bodies and process plants in achieving a successful PSM implementation and comprehensive regulatory compliance in the United States of America.
Dheeraj Kumar Narang
Phd Candidate, Information Systems Engineering and Management, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, PA.

Inspection and IMR Transformation using Generative AI

  • Using AI to create an optimized Life of Field plan
  • Enaimco Operational Twin – Use cases driving IMR and Life of Field optimization
  • Enaimco Vision for the Future
John Cadigan
Director of Projects, Enaimco
Data to Digital Twin in Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Brief Overview of Organization
  • Digital Execution in EPC
  • Data is Oil
Vinayak Kharche
Head Of Information Systems and Automation, Adani Petrochemicals
Networking Break
Revolutionizing Oil & Gas Operations: Unleashing the Power of Digital Twins with IAPM.
  • The Digital Twin Revolution: Explore the transformative potential of digital twins in the oil & gas industry, and how they enable real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and improved decision-making.
  • IoT-Driven Data Insights: Learn how Internet of Things (IoT) data sources are harnessed to create a comprehensive digital replica of your assets, providing unparalleled insights into operations, safety, and efficiency.
  • AI-Powered Asset Management: Discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) supercharges your asset management strategies, optimizing maintenance, reducing downtime, and enhancing the ROI of your oil and gas assets with IAPM.
Matteo Dariol
Business Development and Sales Manager,Bosch
Innovations in Productivity Maximizing Digitalization Strategies..
  • We (23 plants) did a study for AFPM on digitalization in action in global projects and results are reported in the presentation.
  • Specifically highlighted is AI data management, digital engineering and planning in pre-feed applications and the digitalization surrounding construction in maintenance and capital projects.
George Perrett
Operational Excellence Director, Peri USA

Leveraging Digital Twin and Generative AI to gauge their impact on operational efficiency and productivity

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
Manish Grover
Executive Director (Strategic IS & IS), Indian Oil
Indian_Oil_Logo.svg (1)
Available Session
The Human Side of Emerging Tech – AI, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning.
  • In recent years, we have seen rapid advancements in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and machine learning. While these technologies hold great promise for improving our lives and making organizations more efficient, we must not forget that they are ultimately designed and operated by humans.
  • Pop culture represents what I like to call the “Terminator Effect” which associates automation and autonomous systems with a level of fear. From replacing the human workforce to a full-on global takeover. In reality, we should not fear these technologies, but rather strive to understand them better so that we can use them more effectively.
  • “When used correctly, AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning can help us make better decisions, improve organizational efficiency, and even free up our time so that we can focus on more important tasks. However, we must remember that these technologies are only as good as the data that they are given and the humans who design and operate them.
Emmanuel Haizel
General Manager – Engineering & Projects, Mansa Engineering
Networking Break
Revolutionizing Industry: The Autonomous Process Plant and Digital Twin Integration.
  • Automates plant operations with Digital Twin technology linking process and control models
  • Optimizes plant areas using basic regulatory (PID), advanced regulatory (Cascade, Ratio, Feedforward), or Advanced Process Control (APC)/Model Predictive Control (MPC0
  • Enhances data collection with smart sensors, ensuring proper maintenance of plant assets
  • Enhances data collection with smart sensors, ensuring proper maintenance of plant assets
Brad Carlberg
Consulting Control Systems Engineering, BSC Engineering

Using AI / ML and Data Analytics to Optimize the STO (Shutdown, Turnaround , Outage) Work Process and Performance.

  • STO events have large business impact on an asset due to the cost of the event, the lost profit opportunity while the asset is offline, and the potential for safety and environmental impacts during the event.
  • Many of industry’s leaders have adopted a standard STO work process that contains key elements to deliver high degrees of STO readiness.
  • Experience shows that the critical success factors for achieving desirable STO outcomes involves both the quality of the work process and the quality of its implementation.
  • AI/ML techniques help us better understand large and highly complex data to help organizations make better decisions and optimize their work process to derive greater value and achieve better
    STO performance (quality of the work process)
  • This presentation will provide real life examples of how we have used AI/ML to improve STO process and outcomes for oil and gas companies.
Brett Schroeder
CEO, AP-Networks
Digital twins in manufacturing operational excellence .
  • Differences in approaches to digital twins – planning, simulation, prediction, real-time/live
  • Live digital twins in the manufacturing world
  • Examples from existing projects and where is the money
Michal Ukropec
CEO, Twinzo

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