Brownfield Digital Twins and Asset Digitization

Iniesta Alberto

Director - Worley Customer Solutions at Worley

Session Description
Iniesta Alberto, the Director of Worley Customer Solutions at Worley. With a rich background in the oil and gas industry, Alberto’s journey includes roles at Honeywell UOP and Repsol, where he led the Digital Twin transformation program for Repsol Upstream. Currently, as the Digital Solutions Director at Worley, he’s at the forefront of Digital Twin and Asset Performance Management technologies. Alberto recently shared his insights at the Oil & Gas Digital Twin Conference 2023, offering a glimpse into the industry’s future. In this blog, we’ll explore his presentations and the transformative ideas they hold.

Imagine if we could make old things work better and last longer. That’s exactly what Brownfield Digital Twins, as highlighted by Iniesta Alberto in his presentations, do. These are like digital copies of real stuff, like machines or buildings. First, we gather all the information about these things, like their history and how they work. Then, we turn this data into digital form. It’s like giving them a digital brain! This helps us see how they’re doing in real-time and even predict when they might need fixing. So, Brownfield Digital Twins are like super tools for making old things work smarter and last longer. To make these digital twins, we need to turn old-fashioned data into modern digital data. Some older stuff has data that’s not very smart, like simple drawings or charts. We make them smarter by putting them into computers. We also use fancy 3D technology, like laser scanning, to create 3D models of the stuff. This helps us see every detail. Plus, we add real-time data, which is like getting live updates on how things are doing. And there’s a special layer that connects all this data to the real stuff. It’s like the link between the digital and real worlds. With Brownfield Digital Twins, as Iniesta Alberto emphasizes, we can make old things work better, save money, and be kinder to the environment. It’s like giving a second life to things we thought were old and tired!

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