Being able to accurately apportion blame for damage to cargo, opportunities and challenges in revolutionising technology development in global logistics

Ngibip Marcel

Chartered Ship-Broker at StilFresh

Session description
Ngibip Marcel, a Chartered Ship-Broker at StilFresh with six years of expertise in the shipping industry, specializing in marine cargo claims. Marcel’s extensive knowledge of international maritime regulations and his knack for resolving complex cargo claims make him a sought-after professional. At the Container Shipping Conference 2023, he shared insights on precisely attributing blame for cargo damage. In this blog, we’ll explore Marcel’s strategies and the opportunities and challenges of advancing technology in global logistics.

In the world of global shipping and logistics, the challenge of determining responsibility when cargo is damaged has long vexed stakeholders, including shippers, consignees, and carriers. However, Ngibip Marcel’s perspective offers a ray of hope through the adoption of technology-driven solutions. Shippers can enhance cargo oversight using tracking devices and smart contracts to not only monitor shipments but also provide irrefutable evidence of cargo conditions. Consignees stand to benefit from blockchain technology, which ensures accurate contract verification and error-free digital documentation. Carriers, too, can utilize sensors, electronic delivery proof, and blockchain for transparency, safeguarding themselves against undue blame. By embracing these technologies, the entire logistics ecosystem can look forward to smoother, more reliable global operations, ultimately strengthening the global supply chain.

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