AI-Based Intelligent Data Loss Incident Response Plan

Rafiq Khurshid

IT Specialist at Saudi Aramco

Session Description
Rafiq Khurshid, an IT Specialist at Saudi Aramco with 32+ years of experience and a slew of certifications. In this blog, we’ll delve into his strategies for an AI-Based Intelligent Data Loss Incident Response Plan, shared at the O & G Digital Twin Conference 2022.

Rafiq Khurshid had a remarkable perspective on AI-Based Intelligent Data Loss Incident Response Plans. To him, it was akin to having a smart protector for your vital digital assets, much like a superhero capable of thwarting potential threats. This digital guardian acted as a vigilant computer, consistently monitoring your data and detecting any anomalies. It possessed the unique ability to gather and scrutinize data from various sources, including your computer and other security systems, ensuring the safety of your data. What set it apart was its utilization of cutting-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Rather than merely observing data, it could swiftly take action to prevent issues before they materialized.

Key Topics

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