Adapting Supply Chain Network Design to the recent global shipping , energy and war crisis

Mohamed Ezzat

Group Logistics Manager at Ahram Security Group

Session description
Mohamed Ezzat, Group Logistics Manager at Ahram Security Group, with 19 years of practical experience in supply chain and logistics. He holds a Professional Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and specializes in customs regulations and international trade. Mohamed will be sharing valuable insights at our Digital Logistics Conference 2023.

Get ready to hear from Mohamed Ezzat, who will shed light on the crucial need for the logistics and supply chain industry to adapt to recent global challenges in shipping, energy, and war crises. The impact of the Regent Global crisis has prompted a thorough reevaluation of current supply chain network designs. Ezzat will emphasize the importance of employing a checklist of reviewing points, covering aspects such as enhancing supply chain resilience, exploring alternative sourcing strategies, implementing energy-efficient transportation methods, and mitigating risks. Building a resilient supply chain and logistics survival strategy is now of utmost importance, demanding agile responses to the ever-changing global landscape.
Key Topics

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