Break through operational silos as you continue digitization efforts

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Dirk Wagemans

VP Commercial Industries at Hexagon

Session Description

Dirk Wagemans, VP Commercial and Global Google Business at Hexagon, brings a wealth of experience in driving geospatial software sales growth across Europe, India, and Japan. With a background in diplomacy and degrees in history, international politics, geography, and management, he is poised to share insights on breaking operational silos during digitization efforts. Wagemans’ leadership as vice president for business development and head of Google sales and services at Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division underscores his expertise in the field.

Dirk Wagemans will delve into pressing industry challenges at the upcoming event. Addressing Forbes’ report that engineers spend 30% of their time seeking information, he will discuss strategies to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Wagemans will explore the implications of organizational silos and the underutilization of data, highlighting the need for improved collaboration and data leveraging across organizations. Additionally, he will examine the role of digitization in mitigating security and safety risks while maximizing operational efficiency. Finally, Wagemans will question the status of digital twin technology, whether it’s merely a buzzword or a viable opportunity for substantial gains in the industry. Attendees can expect insightful perspectives and actionable strategies from Wagemans’ expertise in these critical areas.

Key Topics

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